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Dental Technology at South Central Dentistry, Edmonton AB

The field of oral care is continually evolving. South Central Dentistry is committed to bringing current technologies to patients in the Edmonton area, for an improved dental experience and excellent treatment outcomes.



At South Central Dentistry, we believe that achieving a healthy smile should be as easy as possible and we strive to utilize the latest in cutting-edge dental technology to improve our diagnostic and treatment process.



Cone beam imaging has radically transformed the way that we can gather information, and allows us the ability to visualize, diagnose and treatment plan with precision that previously could not even be imagined. It is an advanced medical imaging technique to create a 3D image of your bone structure, teeth, tooth orientation, tooth and nerve relation, airways and sinuses.


iCat - 3D Imaging System



It is quick and comfortable for our patients and provides us information to aid in many areas such as;

  • Dental implants
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Impactions
  • TMJ treatment
  • Airway assessments
  • Pathology detection of cysts and tumors



A Digital X-Ray offers many advantages compared to a traditional dental X-Ray, including a significant reduction in patient and staff’s radiation exposure, and clear images that we’re able view in seconds. 

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

Soft tissue lasers are a minimally invasive tool that have many advantages. They produce a powerful beam of light in a specific wavelength that can be used to treat numerous gum problems by gently sculpting and refining soft tissue around the gumline to establish harmony and symmetry to our patients smiles. 

Read More About Soft Tissue Laser 

Intra-Oral Photography

Intra oral cameraOur cameras are small, high-resolution cameras that provide access to details that may not be possible with other imaging devices. 

The full colour photos help us to determine the best possible treatment plan for you. 

By projecting images of exactly what is seen by our dental team, intra oral cameras can give you a better understanding of your treatment options – helping you to feel more actively involved in your care.


Vision MagnificationVision Magnification

Dr.Caouette and the Dental Hygienists at South Central Dentistry wear optical loupes with LED lights to magnify and illuminate their working fields. The result: improved diagnostics and more precise treatment outcomes.

Accreditations and Recognitions

At South Central Dentistry we endeavour to provide every patient with gentle, courteous care delivered with compassion.
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