Dentures: Time-tested smile restoration available in Edmonton, AB

Dentures: Time-tested Smile Restoration The history of dentures dates back to 700 BC when the Etruscans made oral prosthetics with human and animal teeth. Denture techniques have continually evolved. Today, Dr. Jerome Caouette at South Central Dentistry in Edmonton, AB offers a range of denture options that look natural and fit comfortably.

Partial dentures

A partial denture replaces one or several teeth in an arch. It contains artificial teeth in a gum-coloured acrylic base, held in place with clips on adjacent teeth. It is removable for easy cleaning.

Complete dentures

A complete denture replaces an entire arch of teeth, kept in position with natural suction.

Dr. Caouette utilizes a multi-step procedure to create a denture that seats securely, minimizes risk of sore spots, and looks terrific:
  • If extractions are necessary, they are performed first. When bone and gum tissues are healed, usually within 8 to 12 weeks, the denture is designed.
  • Dr. Caouette takes plenty of time to understand how you want your new smile to look.
  • A series of impressions are made of your mouth.
  • He works with a professional dental laboratory to begin building the denture.
  • At various points, wax models are fitted to your mouth to establish comfort, bite, and aesthetics. Expect several weekly visits.
  • Once you are satisfied, the final denture is made with an acrylic base and teeth of resin or porcelain.
  • You return once or twice during the first month for minor adjustments.

Implant supported dentures

Just a few dental implants placed into the jawbone dramatically improve stability and chewing function of a denture. Dr. Caouette may be able to retrofit your existing denture. Or, he can create a new lighter-weight denture that does not cover the upper palate.

Dentures remain a sound option for replacement of missing teeth. To learn more, contact South Central Dentistry in Edmonton, AB at (780) 757-3723.

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